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Welcome to AutoCade Inc. Pre-Owned Center, where we are changing the used car buying experience for the better one happy customer at a time!!

At AutoCade, our goal is is to develop a strong, long lasting relationship with all of our customers. Unlike other dealers who only want ONE time customers, we want LIFE time customers!! In order to reach that goal we discovered that there were many changes that needed to be made about how the used car buying experience usually works and have implemented those changes into our business to make the experience much better. We honestly don't think there is another dealer out there that even compares to how well we treat our customers. And our customers agree! Not only do they keep coming back, but they also refer all of their friends, family, neighbors, co-workers and acquaintances to us as well!!!AutoCade Incorporated Building See for yourself by checking out some of our reviews and recommendations on our Facebook page, Angie's List and here on our site on our testimonials page. Below, we will share with you some of the things that differentiate us from other dealers, but invite you to stop by and experience the difference for yourself.

Vehicles are an investment, and we feel that used vehicles are probably the best investment you can find! Used vehicles are priced lower than new vehicles, the expenses of ownership like taxes and insurance is lower and used cars have already been impacted by the large depreciation which happens when a new car has been sold and titled. But, with so many vehicles available to choose from now days the task of finding the right one can become very overwhelming and stressful. In our opinion, buying used is best, but you need to make sure you are knowledgeable about the vehicle you are thinking about buying BEFORE you buy it. Our mission is to make the buying process on your next vehicle easy and stress free. If you need help deciding, stop by or call us! We have years of experience in the used car business and can help lead you in the right direction.

All vehicles are serviced and fully detailed before being offered for sale. Trade-ins, although not hand picked by the owner, have been test driven for mechanical reliability, serviced and also fully detailed. Most trade-ins are available with NO credit needed utilizing our Buy Here Pay Here program.

Extended warranty contracts through Preferred Warranties are available on qualifying vehicles for added peace of mind.

NEW!!! Name your your price!!! Are you currently looking for a specific vehicle that we don't currently have available in stock?? Would you like to be able to find that vehicle, and get it at a price that YOU want to pay? Using our auction sources, we have daily access to nearly 175,000 vehicles and are almost certain we can find the vehicle you've been dreaming of!! Call us for details on how we can find you the vehicle of your dreams. We only charge a small reasonable service fee with NO haggling, NO stress, NO hidden fees and at a price YOU want to pay!

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